Scoring the Chapters



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1. Salvation.

2. Friends Imaginary.

3. Paying the Toll.

4. The Door.

5. J.Christopers Haunting.

6. If These Walls Could Talk.

7. All Sins Returned.

8. Scar Borrows Fare.

9. The Last King of the Highlands.

10. Born Unto, But Don't Belong to Me.

11. Leftist Out.

12. Turning Up Broken.

13. Failing Avalon.

14. Apologies Wanting to Make Good.

15. Legacy Departing.

Album info:

Release date: 1997

Produced by Leviathan.

Engineered and mixed by Jim and Tom Morris.

Recorded at Morris Sound Studios, Tampa, FL.

Band: Jeff Ward, Derek Blake, Trevor Helfer,

 John Lutzow, Ron Skeen.

Artwork: Travis Smith.