Leviathan Reissue 2011



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1. Confidence Not Arrogance.

2. Sanctuary.

3. The Calling.

4. Painful Pursuit of Passion and Purpose.

5. Not Always Lost, But Alone.

6. The Falling Snow.

7. Run Forever.

8. Disenchanted Dreams of Conformity.

9. Speed Kills.

Album info:

Release date: 1992 + 1994, 1996 bonus track

Produced by Jim Morris.

Mixed and Engineered by Jim Morris.

Recorded at Colorado Sound, Arvada, CO.

Mixed at Morris Sound Studios, Tampa, FL.

Band:  Tom Braden, Jack Aragon, James Escobedo, Ty Tammeus,

 John Lutzow, Ron Skeen.

Guests: Tom Capek, Keyboards.