Leviathan Resurrected: live DVD/CD.


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1. Salvation.

2. Speed Kills.

3. Friends Imaginary.

4. Census of Stars.

5. Degenerating Paradise.

6. Paying the Toll.

7. Pages of Time.

8. Confidence Not Arrogance.

9. J. Christopher's Haunting.

10. If These Walls Could Talk.

11. Medley.

12. Leviathan.

Album info:

Release date: 2010

Produced by Leviathan.

Audio and video Mixed and Engineered by JCL.

Filmed and recorded at Buffalo Rose, Golden, CO.

Filmed and recorded at Vikan theater, Brighton, CO.

Band:  Jeff Ward, Derek Blake, Trevor Helfer,

 John Lutzow, Ron Skeen.

Photography by Gene and Cindy Bockenstedt.

Artwork: Martin Schroeder